Marinated Pork Neck with Sausage and Vegetables

Marinated Pork Neck with Sausage and Vegetables

Like almost every UFO recipe, this one also started with the question: “What do we have at home / in the nearest store? We still had a few marinated necks from the barbecue from the previous day and we always have plenty of vegetables in the garden, in the pantry there is always a piece of sausage or bacon. These ingredients fit perfectly in a well-filled UFO FAMILY disc. 

UFO FAMILY cooking dish

4 tbsp olive oil
70 dkg pork neck
20 dkg smoked sausage
20 dkg smoked bacon
20 dkg bacon
0,5 kg potato
15 dkg tomato
15 dkg pepper
15 dkg carrot
15 dkg parsley
3 cloves of garlic
Seasoning – as you like it
I recommend:
1 tbsp PORK Rub Spice Mix
1 tbsp TEXAS Rub Spice Mix

The neck is best cut the night before, but at least a few hours in advance. Cut the meat into cubes and mix with the oil, pressed or finely chopped garlic and pepper and put in the refrigerator.

The next day grease both halves of the already used UFO disc and line them with sliced ​​bacon. Cut potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, parsley and carrots into larger cubes, put in one bowl, add salt, seasoning and mix. Place one third of the vegetable mixture on the bacon, put thicker rounds of sausage and half of the marinated meat on it. Cover with bacon slices and put another layer of vegetables, followed by sausages, meat and bacon. Finally, put the remaining vegetables so that it fits in the disc. Place bacon on top of the filled disc, then close it.

Leave the disc in the prepared embers for about one hour, in the meantime slightly moving it two or three times.

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