My First UFO Encounter

My First UFO Encounter

I first heard about a baking disc about two years ago, but then I was too busy with constructing traditional ovens and meals in them, building a house, and I also stopped doing my hobby – fishing. So the thought of buying a disc didn’t have a place in my head. This container gradually became forgotten by me. It wasn’t until a few months ago – google is your friend, he wants to know everything like a good wife – that I found a delicious recipe on shared by my good friends – and I started to starve!

No matter what, I need a UFO !!!

I managed to come across a website and order a UFO FAMILY disc . Since it was Wednesday, I hoped that over the weekend I could try my new “toy” and prepare food in the company of the most sincere critics – my family.

Just like after the first kiss, at that moment a smile reached my ears when the courier car stopped in front of our house and I was able to unpack this amazing tool. I immediately walked across the street to the store for the ingredients for the marinated pork neck with vegetables and sausage, of course, I doubled the amount so that we wouldn’t accidentally die of hunger.
My foresight saved me, mainly because of my inexperience, but more on that later.
On Saturday morning, I prepared a cast-iron fireplace, in which I used to start a fire in order to protect the lawn when cooking in a cauldron or baking on a plate. Since I was reading on the website about the first use of the disc, I decided to clean and slice the vegetables while leaving the disc in the embers. I greased the UFO on both sides and placed it in the embers.

WARNING! Do not touch the disc until it has completely burned out, because the melted grease is very unpredictable, never knowing when it will start burning at the expense of your hair, eyebrows or hair. At least my friends got a smoke signal that something was being prepared here.

After cooling down, I wiped the UFO as instructed and started to put slices of bacon in it, later vegetables and sausage slices, spices and marinated meat, then again came a row of vegetables between which I placed sausage slices and meat again. In the end, I just piled up the vegetables and laid the bacon strips. The disc was completely covered with half of the purchased raw materials, so I sent a message to the neighbors to come to the tasting in an hour.
There was already quite many embers in the cast iron hearth, although I could still see the flames here and there, I figured I could put the UFO in the middle. I covered it with embers and happily opened my beer. I’ll give it half an hour, then I’ll look at it again. Immidiately, there was a satisfying whistling sound of bacon fat and after ten minutes our yard was filled with fantastic scents. After fifteen minutes, I rotated the disc a little (just as I do it with cauldron) to mix the flavors and aromas well. After another 15 minutes, I placed the container on the stone, because I was curious what the food looks like after the first half.

WARNING! A UFO – like the object that enters the space – is very hot! We recommend handling it only in high-quality gloves, you can even use pliers to open the lock.

It is good to remember the knowledge from the basics of physics, a few minutes before opening we have to let the UFO rest, because in the heat its two halves stick together.

I managed to open it and I could already see some burnt parts on the side, so after I closed it back, I pulled all the embers into the middle of the oven and put the disc on it. Probably this was my first mistake, the second was the cast iron hearth itself, so after the second half of the baking time- that is, after an hour – the bacon at the bottom of the disc got into a state similar to an activated carbon tablet. Simply put – the bacon burned ugly.

How good it is for a person to have more ingredients. Right? I wasn’t in such a calm state of mind then, maybe I lost my temper and confidence in this structure and I was close to putting it on a trajectory similar to its namesake, letting it fly.
However, the family was already quite hungry, so I carefully poured its unburned contents into a wooden bowl. My wife and I happily stated that the meat and the layer above it is very tasty, you can’t notice the charring of the bottom layer. The food was gone by the time I soaked the container.
After a quick cleaning and greasing, I put the second batch of food in the disc, but I already handled the comb more carefully. The cast iron absorbs heat very quickly and makes it difficult for the embers to cool, so I placed the disc only in about an inch of ash, and covered it with ash with a minimum of burrow. I also shook it every quarter, but I didn’t open the UFO at half time.

Whatever happens.

Caution made sense until this batch was prepared, my friends were already gathering and could enjoy well-baked, delicious meat and vegetables. Not only the sight itself amazed them, but also the variation of flavors with a subtle smoky touch, which can only be conjured by a hardwood burrow, the smell of which also creeps into the disc.

I have to tell you that the following Wednesday, the courier brought a UFO Happy Flame to his neighbor, and it premiered over the weekend. However, he remained true to tradition, the food was prepared in a smaller pit. However, this is another story, from which I will only tell you so much that it is a real lumberjack technique for using a baking disc.

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