Inauguration of the UFO

Before using the new UFO baking disc for the first time, as well as grandma’s old pancake oven, or an iron cauldron, as it is made from iron, it must be inaugurated.

During use, a protective layer of grease is formed on the inside of the iron containers, which makes handling easier and the container remaining non-stick.

Wipe the container on the inside and outside with something greasy.

Open it and insert it over the embers with the orifice at the top.

As the container overheats, it first begins to smoke, later the grease changes color. It becomes darker and darker until it is completely black. Warning! You have to be careful not to burn your hair when the oil you poured into the container starts to burn. Of course, it doesn’t have to turn completely black right away, it doesn’t matter if the surface is spotty. The colour will unify during use.

Let the container cool down, wipe the inside dry, removing unnecessary grease.

Rust may appear on the disc – as on any iron container – after a while, which we can avoid by storing it properly. Wipe the disc with a cloth soaked in oil, or rub it thinly with grease, and only after then store it. Wipe dry before use.


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