Where can I use the UFO?

The answer to this question is very simple: wherever there is enough heat for the ingredients to boil inside it.
Old lumberjacks used  campfire to cook meals, but they also prepared goodies in the oven, stove or fireplace using the heat of the extinguishing fire. With a little imagination, the UFO baking disc can also be used in any kind of oven.

UFO in a fire pit

UFO in a fire pit

Modern camp stoves and specialized cookware make the cook’s job easier, but nothing beats the taste and appeal of a meal cooked over the campfire. Success at campfire cooking will encourage you to go camping more often. The traditional place to prepare food in the UFO cooking dish is ash or  quenching embers. Baking in UFO requiers a smaller pit in which hard and dry wood is placed. Until the flames go out, they also overheat the soil beneath them. It is therefore not necessary to leave a thick layer of embers under the UFO disk, we can remove it almost completely. After placing the disc, use a branch to accumulate a little burrow at its walls. If you also need to bake the ingredients in the top layer well, put a few carbons on the top.

Baking in a fire is tricky only because you have little control over the exact temperature, and there’s no exactness to how long (or how little) it will take to bake the item. For beginners, we recommend to check the food during baking so that you don’t accidentally burn your dinner. If you hear hiss 1-2 minutes after placing the disc in the burner, the embers are probably too hot. In this case, we recommend removing the UFO baking disc from the pit and waiting for it to reheat until the embers have cooled down.

UFO in the traditional furnace

UFO in the traditional furnace

UFO –  baking and cooking disc can also be used in your traditional furnace. With this method of food preparation, there is a much lower risk of burning, as the temperature can be better controlled than in a fire pit. The disk can be placed in the hearth of the furnace, but also in its clean, hot interior. As with other dishes, the cooking time may vary depending on the amount of ingredients.

We can also use the heating time of the furnace to season the disc, but  of beware of flameable oil or grease, as well as careful handling.

UFO in the winter – in the fireplace

UFO in the winter – in the fireplace

You’ve likely heard that old cliché, “Keep the home fires burning.” What’s amazing about the UFO baking and cooking disc is that you don’t have to give up on your favorite dishes even on cold days! All you need is a stove or wood fireplace to store the disc. After extinguishing the fire, simply fill the disc with tasty ingredients, put it in the fireplace and enjoy! Believe me, with the UFO baking and cooking disc, you can conjure the same harmony of tastes in the comfort of your home as during a summer barbecue or wandering through the woods.
During the preparation of meals in the fireplace, the UFO is being heeted up from all sides, so it is not necessary to place fiery coals on its upper part.

Up-to-date UFO – cooking dish

In addition to the traditional, authentic use, UFO can also be used for baking in an oven. It is the cleanest and the most controllable process of preparing food in the mentioned container, there is only a minimal chance that the food will burn. You can prepare your favorite dishes or bake bread in the comfort of the kitchen, the only difference is that the food will not get a delicate smoky flavor like in the wild. In return, however, you can conjure up the atmosphere of summer gatherings for your family even during long winter evenings.     

Warning! Use only seasoned UFO cooking discs in the oven. Under no circumstances should this primary process be carried out indoors, as there is high risk of oil and grease bursting, fire and possible injuries!

No matter where you decide to use it, you certainly don’t have to worry about one thing – that the UFO explodes (after all, everyone has heard of an exploded pressure cooker or other cookware). Although the container closes hermetically, we have developed a lock so that any pressure can lift the top bowl of the container. This design ensures that excess hot air can escape from the disc, preventing various accidents. You can leave the UFO cooking disc unattended in the fireplace as well as in the oven. Attention should only be paid to burnt food, but this can be easily prevented by following our recommendations.

 There’s an art to baking in a fire, and a recognition that you’re going to have to be yet one of the elements to make that meal happen, and do your best. And it will always taste homecooked, which is maybe the best part of all!


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