UFO Disc

Your garden is large so you don’t have time to make dinner while gardening? UFO – cooking dish!
You don’t own a garden but you like to hike, bushcraft or go fishing? UFO – cooking dish!
Your cooking skills are average, but you want to dazzle your friends with a special meal? UFO – cooking dish!

HAPPY FLAME UFO cooking and baking dish Drawn from the past, designed for the future!

The UFO is an ingenious tool with a very simple construction. The disc consists of two steel hemispherical bowls connected by a hinge and a locking mechanism. At the top of the upper hemisphere is a steel hook, which serves to facilitate handling. And what´s behind the UFO name? Join the two hemispheres, close the lock and you will see!

The HAPPY FLAME UFO cooking and baking dish is an ingenious tool with a very simple construction.
Vypálenie UFO disku

The UFO – cooking dish must be calcinated before the first use.
Warning! Always grease the container with fat or oil. After this procedure the UFO changes its bright silvery color to dark, but in some places fine spots may remain. All you have to do after calcination is to fill the UFO with goodies!

Shashlik in UFO disc:
Place strips of bacon, onion slices, meat and finally potatoes in the lower bowl of the UFO disk. Repeat the layering until the container is full. The bottom of the container does not need to be lined with foil, but this facilitates cleaning. Close the UFO (don’t forget to lock it) and insert it into the embers. We recommend to check the condition of the meat after about 20-25 minutes. Then remove the disk from the embers with a branch pushed through the hook- easiest way to handle a hot UFO.
After removing the disk please recall a physics lesson on the thermal expansion of materials. The hot disc is harder to open – for the eager, we recommend using tools rather than raw force.


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